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WAMPServer project development of web applications that allow you to create Apache2 PHP and MySQL database. Very easily, they are not much labor to his exertions. Service and free software seems to be that everyone was killed.

Create a secure web applications developer

you should download and install the programs automatically computatorisWAMPServer with him. Further development of the app to be installed on your PHP files add environment.Vos be created and distributed. That allows you to manage services that softwareApacheMySQL your activities. You can care settings, you can access files and settings to access logs sent.Vos may also want to create a new name and now I am your servant one of your files without setting tap.

cONCLUSIONI- a safe place for App Development

In order to install the software, the easiest WAMPServer very parvum.Nam app developer based on some development issues and marketed there.

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