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Miami Herald Interviews HOPE VP Daniel Howe Concerning Recent Lawsuit

Douglas Allen has lived in the same three-bedroom home in a quiet West Kendall suburb for 23 years. When the late-night parties at the vacant house next door started, he called police.

“We could smell marijuana and hear noises and loud music,” said Allen, 74. “The police would come and shut the parties down and everyone went home. But then a week or two later, it would happen again.”

Allen says the revelers were able to get into the property because the front doors weren’t locked and some of the windows had been smashed. So he called the county commissioner’s office in Kendall to complain. A few days later, the broken panes were boarded up. A digital turnkey lock used by Realtors was placed on the front door. A new gate barring access to the rear of the property was installed.

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National Effort to Hold Deutsche Bank Responsible for Neglect of Foreclosures in Communities of Color

HOPE and 18 other fair housing organizations joined the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) in the filing of an amended administrative with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) against Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Bank National Trust, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, Ocwen Financial Corporation, and Altisource Portfolio Solution, Inc.  The original complaint was filed against Deutsche Bank, et al. on February 26, 2014.

Today’s amended complaint adds Ocwen and Altisource as respondents in the 30 metropolitan areas. Deutsche Bank contracts with Ocwen and Altisource to provide preservation maintenance and marketing for the overwhelming majority of properties for which the Bank is listed as owner of record.  Also included is new evidence in support of

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