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HOPE files federal lawsuit for housing discrimination against families with children

Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence, Inc. (HOPE) has joined a family denied housing in a federal housing discrimination lawsuit against Centennial Management. After receiving a complaint regarding a couple with children who went to an apartment managed by Centennial with rules limiting the number of people per bedroom, HOPE investigated that complex and thirteen of the company’s other properties in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The investigation revealed that Centennial’s policies and practices restricted apartment occupancy to less than two people per bedroom in many of their developments. This practice tends to make fewer dwellings available to families with children and force them into leasing higher-priced, larger-sized apartments.

The lawsuit filed against Centennial

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Mortgage Giant Fannie Mae Accused of Racial Discrimination in 38 U.S. Metro Areas

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) and 20 local fair housing organizations from across the United States have filed a housing discrimination lawsuit against Fannie Mae in federal district court in San Francisco, California. The lawsuit alleges that Fannie Mae purposely fails to maintain its foreclosures (also known as real estate owned or “REO” properties) in middle- and working-class African American and Latino neighborhoods to the same level of quality it does for foreclosures it owns in white middle- and working-class neighborhoods. The data supporting the federal lawsuit, which includes substantial photographic evidence, shows a stark pattern of discriminatory conduct by Fannie Mae in the maintenance of its foreclosures.

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The lawsuit is the result of

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