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Housing discrimination, caught on tape…

Watch as a black man and a white man go undercover to expose real-estate agents who give preferential treatment based on race.  This short, simple video shows how discrimination can happen without any shouting, any name-calling, or any reason otherwise to know that it has occurred:

Instead of a “Keep Out” sign, housing discrimination usually comes hidden behind a friendly smile and a handshake. Maybe you’re told that you’ll get a call back about your moving into an apartment or buying a home (because the law covers rentals AND sales), but you just don't get that call.  Ever.  Or perhaps you’ve been clearly told that a home is unavailable to you, yet you learn that it’s actually still being advertised or listed.  Or somebody suggests "another

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Which housing discrimination is illegal? Know your rights!

Housing discrimination laws cover rentals AND sales.  You are protected in cases of illegal discrimination at the hands of a current or potential housing provider.

The amended federal Fair Housing Act prohibits, nationally, any discrimination in the sale, rental, lending, insurance, or advertising of housing on the basis of: Race · Color · National Origin · Religion · Disability · Sex · Familial Status (as in whether or not you have children)

Florida’s fair housing laws provide protection against discrimination on these additional bases: HIV Status

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